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Communications Intelligence

National Security & Law Enforcement

fingerprint biometrics

fingerprint biometrics


Solutions for National Security & Law Enforcement


Our range of communication intelligence solutions are being used by governments, national security agencies and law enforcement across the globe to detect and prevent crime and protect citizens.

We are a global provider of specialist communications and intelligence technologies. We offer a comprehensive product portfolio for intelligence acquisition, information analysis and insight generation.  Our portfolio includes precise and flexible communications interception products which feed information to high quality processing and analysis tools. In today’s world, data analytics is of increasing importance when it comes to extracting the maximum amount of intelligence from available communication and other data sources to preserve mission critical activities and protect the vulnerable.

We take an industry leading stance on business ethics in accordance with the BAE Systems Code of Conduct. Our solutions recognise the need to balance the rights of the citizen with the need to enable governmental organisations that have the responsibility to prevent harm and investigate crime in strict accordance with applicable legislation.

Our in-house end-to-end capability is open to a very wide range of solutions scenarios, including integration with existing systems if appropriate or working with niche third party components. We also have an international network of hub offices with which to serve regional customers.

Our capabilities include:

  • Investigative solutions that bring information together to create a single intelligence picture for law enforcement.
  • Providing national cyber defence capability
  • Allowing authorised government bodies controlled access to communications data, according to local legal and regulatory framework with a variety of options for acquisition and analysis.

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