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BAE Systems Ship Repair – Alabama, based in Mobile, is an established expert in blue-water ship, construction, repairs and conversions, including those from commercial fleets, cruise ships and vessels that serve the U.S. defense cargo market. The Alabama shipyard comprises of 423 acres strategically located on the Gulf of Mexico to support the oil industry.


The Alabama shipyard offers drydock and heavy-lift capacity for the largest ships trading in and around the Caribbean and Gulf of Mexico region. It also provides unmatched pier space, industrial fabrication capability and marine fabrication equipment and systems. The  423acre site is available 24 hours a day, seven days a week,  and 365 days a year to serve energy market customers. 

Co-located in the Alabama shipyard are Millennium Industrial and Marine Solutions.  Millennium’s experienced fly-away teams offer a wide range of services both domestically and internationally. 

Mobile has re-entered the commercial new construction market with new contracts for product tankers and a complex dredge build program.

     Four Piers – 7,243 ft
     Floating drydock Alabama (46,400 ton lift)
     Floating drydock 17 (12,000 ton lift)

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Facility Location

BAE Systems Mobile, Alabama
Ship Repair, Main Gate, Dunlap Drive, Mobile, Alabama, 36652 USA
Tel: 1-251-690-7100
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