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The premier yard in the Bay Area, BAE Systems Ship Repair - San Francisco is a full-service repair facility located at the heart of the Pacific Rim trading routes.


San Francisco Ship Repair provides maintenance, alterations, and repairs to cruise liners from Alaskan and Mexican trade routes, trans-Alaska pipeline tankers, military vessels, local bay traffic, and both, foreign and domestic, bulk carriers and container ships.

The yard offers the largest floating dry dock on the West Coast. The dry dock is certified by the United States Navy and is capable of lifting the largest cruise ships currently navigating our seas. The yard also has all required certificates and permits in place, including American Bureau of Shipping, and approved processes for all types of welding, including major tail shaft welding and repair.

San Francisco Ship Repair offers a highly-qualified work force with outstanding management and supporting facilities to produce quality products and services, while maintaining the highest standards of ship-worker safety and environmental protection.


  • Two piers (2,557 ft)
  • Drydock #2 (56,600 ton lift)
  • Eureka Drydock (14,500 ton lift)

Facility Location

BAE Systems San Francisco, California
Ship Repair, Foot of 20th Street, San Francisco, California, 94107 USA
Tel: 1-415-861-7447
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San Francisco Ship Repair