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HEADS-Headborne Energy Analysis and Diagnostic System

HEADS - Headborne Energy Analysis and Diagnostic System

HEADS - Headborne Energy Analysis and Diagnostic System

HEADS Brain Injury Fair on Capital Hill 2013


The Headborne Energy Analysis and Diagnostic System records the severity of impacts to the head during a blast or explosion.


The Headborne Energy Analysis and Diagnostic System, or more commonly referred to as HEADS, is a small sensor mounted inside a combat helmet that records the severity of blasts and other impacts to the head during an explosion. The HEADS sensor provides Soldiers and medical professionals alike with an effective tool to help identify Soldiers who may have combat-related head and brain injuries.

The HEADS sensor is small enough to fit inside the palm of a person’s hand and is mounted beneath the helmet pads of most combat helmets. Once secured and armed, the sensor continuously measures and collects critical and potential life-saving data, including impact location, magnitude, duration, blast pressures, angular and linear accelerations as well as the exact times of single or multiple blast events.

The HEADS sensors are designed to only record data exceeding a threshold predetermined by the customer - what might occur with an impulse from a head impact or from a roadside bomb blast, for example.  Once that threshold is reached, a visual LED display on the sensor is triggered, alerting the Soldier of a potential head injury. The data within the sensor is easily downloaded via a USB device or summary data through a wireless connection. This is an extremely valuable solution for data download. Antennas can readily scan all available HEADS sensors in a Forward Operating Base and send the data to a computer, identifying any Soldier who may have been involved in a blast or explosion, triggering the sensor.

Currently, over 50,000 HEADS sensors have been delivered to the U.S. Army.



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