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BAE Systems

RG33 Mine-Resistant Ambush Protected Vehicle

RG33L Category II base

RG33L Category II base


The RG33 is a family of MRAP vehicles, available in several configurations including the category I 4×4, category II 6×6, the heavy armored ground ambulance (HAGA) and the special operations command (SOCOM) vehicle. BAE Systems manufactured three of the US Marine Corps' five variants of MRAP vehicles: the Caiman, the RG31 and the RG33.


The RG33 series is in the medium weight class, providing survivability, advanced mobility, mission flexibility, rapid availability and vehicle commonality.

Personnel Capacity
RG33 series 4×4: 8
RG33 series 6×6: 14
RG33 series 4×4: 265in
RG33 series 6×6: 338in
136in (reducible for transport)
Gross vehicle weight
RG33 series 4×4: 38,000lb
RG33 series 6×6: 58,000lb
RG33 series 4×4: 8,300lb
RG33 series 6×6: 19,300lb
Maximum Speed
RG33 series 4×4: 68mph
RG33 series 6×6: 67mph


Platforms & Services has key positions in the land and maritime sectors, designing, developing, producing and supporting platforms, naval weaponry and munitions, as well as protective wear and armor. P&S operates in the US, the UK, South Africa, and Sweden with markets in more than 40 countries.

Multimedia Tile

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