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Ground Combat Vehicle

Ground Combat Vehicle (GCV)

Ground Combat Vehicle (GCV)

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How GCV will Power Up the Army


By selecting the BAE Systems GCV with a hybrid electric drive, the Army is getting the ability to power up its combat vehicle design and life-cycle flexibility, cost-efficiency, performance, battlefield efficiency and Soldier protection.

Power surge
BAE Systems’ hybrid GCV gives the Army the power to more affordably support new technology enhancements far into the future. Today and into the future, U.S. Soldiers need to stay plugged in on the battlefield. Producing 1,100 KW of exportable power, the hybrid GCV from BAE Systems provides the surge power needed to keep Soldiers connected no matter what they’re plugged into.

Power payoff
BAE System’s hybrid GCV provides greater lifecycle and cost-efficiency. It provides the power to take every investment dollar further. As technology and battlefield threats evolve in the future, so will demands placed on the Army’s combat vehicles. The hybrid GCV’s lighter weight, power-producing drivetrain gives the Army a longer vehicle lifecycle by providing more room for armor expansion and technology integration – keeping our GCV relevant for at least three to four decades.

Power take-off
BAE Systems’ hybrid GCV provides the power needed to dramatically improve battlefield performance. The stored energy created through the new hybrid propulsion system in BAE Systems’ GCV allows Soldiers to instantly apply maximum power at take-off. This means a 70-ton vehicle can go from 0-20 mph nearly three seconds faster than comparable conventional diesel drivetrains – while using dramatically less fuel and lowering cost of battlefield operation.

Power to save
BAE Systems’ hybrid GCV provides the power to reduce fuel use and cost burdens which simplify battlefield logistics and keep more Soldiers out of harm’s way. Military supply lines are often the most vulnerable to enemy attack, and the cost of buying and transporting fuel continues to grow at an exponential pace. The BAE Systems hybrid GCV will reduce fuel convoys dramatically because it is 10-20 percent more efficient than today’s combat vehicles. This power to simplify logistics not only means less money spent, but more importantly, more troops stay out of harm’s way.

Power to protect
BAE Systems’ hybrid GCV uses a powertrain that provides more power in a lighter-weight package. This allows the Army to add an extra 3 to 4 tons of armor to the vehicle to best protect Soldiers inside. By decreasing the weight of the engine and reducing the number of moving parts, we are able to more affordably add precious armor to the vehicle, increasing our power to protect.

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