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Mantis 3D


Mantis is a twin-engined autonomous unmanned aircraft.


Mantis is a twin-engined unmanned aircraft.  Designed by a BAE Systems-led industry team as an advanced technology demonstrator for the UK Ministry of Defence (MoD), Mantis was developed from concept to first flight in just 19 months. 

The first flight was achieved on 21st October 2009.

We led an industry team to develop the Mantis project under our own investment in January 2008. That team took advantage of the best from the UK and overseas industry though it has to be pointed out that Mantis was put together with the help of a significant number of UK suppliers.

Following a contract awarded by the UK MOD later in 2008, we were appointed as the industry lead and prime contractor of a jointly funded project to develop a world-class  Advanced Concept Technology Demonstrator (ACTD) Unmanned Air System (UAS) called Mantis.

Other industry partners included Rolls Royce, Qinetiq, GE Aviation, Selex Galileo and Meggitt.

Multimedia Tile

  • CV90 Active Damping video
  • Munitions Solutions
  • StrikerII helmet
  • F35 Horizontal Tails
  • Typhoon Time - Screenshot 1
  • Typhoon Time - Screenshot 2
  • Typhoon Time - Screenshot 3
  • Typhoon Time - Screenshot 4
  • Typhoon Time - Screenshot 5
  • Typhoon Time - Screenshot 6
  • Typhoon Time - Screenshot 7
  • Typhoon fighter jet, wind tunnel testing
  • Cansec four image
  • The BAE Systems F35 Integrated Assembly Line in the UK
  • Big bang 1
  • Dave Moy and UK Sport
  • Public debut, Farnborough, September 1986.
  • Clean aircraft configuration tests in the Warton 9ftx7ft wind tunnel.
  • EAP starboard wing in the assembly jig at the BAe Samlesbury site
  • Utilities management system integration and software development rig, 7 hangar Warton.
  • Final assembly systems build testing in 2 hangar, Warton.
  • A celebration for the 100th EAP flight at Paris. Dave Ward 4th from the left.
  • Experimental Aircraft Programme in-flight.
  • Experimental Aircraft Programme in-flight.
  • Radar cross section measurements at Warton after completion of the flight test programme.
  • Experimental Aircraft Programme in-flight.
  • EAP taking to the skies with Hawks, Harriers and Tornados. Copyright: Geoffrey Lee
  • EAP taking to the skies with the Red Arrows.
  • EAP.
  • Experimental Aircraft Programme in-flight.
  • Experimental Aircraft Programme in-flight.
  • The EAP ‘Roll-out’ ceremony in 302 hangar at Warton on 16th April 1986.
  • First flight at Warton, 8th August 1986.
  • Taranis first flight video footage
  • Taranis taxiing at Warton, Lancashire
  • BvS10MkIIb All-Terrain Vehicle
  • BvS10 All-Terrain Vehicle
  • The German Air Force takes delivery of the 400th aircraft during special ceremony at Cassidian’s Military Air Systems Center in Manching, Southern Germany.
  • The EAP at its new home at the RAF Museum in Cosford, Shropshire.
  • Evie, Latisha and Rebecca celebrate their win at the awards evening

Mantis Fact Sheet

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