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BAE Systems

Maritime - Submarines

We push the boundaries of engineering excellence to design and construct world class submarines for the UK Royal Navy.

  • Astute at sea

    Astute Class Submarines

    The Astute class will equip the UK Royal Navy with its largest and most powerful fleet of attack submarines. As exciting, complex and challenging as any engineering project in the world today, we’re harnessing the unique skills of our workforce and drawing on years of experience to deliver a step change in capability.

  • Design Office

    Career Opportunities

    For talented engineers, the chance to work on the Royal Navy’s Astute and Successor class of submarines is a once-in-lifetime opportunity. See beneath the surface and discover more about the challenges and engineering triumphs behind one of the most challenging engineering projects ever undertaken in the UK.


  • MARCE Eye

    Maritime Collaborative Enterprise

    The Maritime Collaborative Enterprise will foster a community of diverse research providers, led by BAE Systems, that manages placement and execution of research tasks on behalf of Defence Science and Technology Laboratories.

  • Astute launch


    We are the industrial lead for the Successor programme and, alongside partners Rolls Royce and Babcock Marine, are designing a new generation of submarines to carry the UK’s independent nuclear deterrent.

  • Future Engineers Day 2011

    Corporate Responsibility

    As one of Furness’ largest employers, our activities have a significant socio and economic impact on the community. We recognise the changing landscape and challenges facing the area and as such operate one coherent Corporate Responsibility (CR) strategy, in collaboration with local agencies, industries and community leaders.


  • Audacious unit move

    Supply Chain

    Our submarine programmes involve a vast supply chain network, delivering considerable UK economic and employment benefits with a total of £4.4bn spent with suppliers since 2000.

  • Ambush approaches Ramsden Dock

    Ambush sets sail for sea trials

    Hundreds looked on as the Royal Navy’s most advanced attack submarine Ambush set sail from Barrow-in-Furness to begin sea trials. Find out more about an incredible day for the second Astute class submarine, her crew and Maritime - Submarines.

Maritime - Submarine Main Offices

Maritime - Submarines Main Offices
Bridge Road, Barrow in Furness, LA14 1AF
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Vacancies in submarines

Multimedia Tile

  • Type 26
  • Al Rasikh
  • Ben Gordon collects his award
  • Mobile Navigation App for the Royal Navy
  • How the Devonshire Dock Hall could look
  • How the Barrow site central yard could look in the future
  • How the Barrow site central yard could look in the future 2
  • Combat Systems
  • Dave Moy and UK Sport
  • Work Experience Girls Only
  • Maritime Apprentice Brandon Bowman
  • Fundraising for Future
  • HMS Lancaster
  • Riverlass vessels HMS Severn, Tyne and Mersey
  • Artisan
  • The forward end construction of the fifth Astute class submarine, Anson, lining up alongside her sisters, Artful and Audacious
  • Apprentices Josh Procter and Mike Cormish
  • Cyber Security Star George Hafiz
  • Al Shamikh arrive in Oman
  • Bottle smashes to celebrate naming of Artful
  • Artful
  • Artful's Crew
  • Local school children cheer for Artful
  • Admiral Sir George Zambellas and Lady Zambellas
  • Local school children cheer for Artful
  • Lady Zambellas and John Hudson enter DDH
  • Lady Zambellas and John Hudson enter DDH
  • Proud employees watching ceremony
  • Artful naming ceremony
  • Artful Naming Ceremony
  • Ulverston Victoria High School band entertain the crowds
  • Bottle smashes to celebrate naming of Artful
  • Global Combat Ship
  • contract win for BAE Systems for River Class
  • contract win for BAE Systems for River Class
  • Emily Batten and Sanjay Jethwa with their winning iShip
  • Marce FAQ image
  • Al Shamikh out on sea trials
  • The crew on board Araguari at the handover ceremony in Portsmouth Naval Base
  • Araguari maiden sea trials
  • School children from Glasgow witness the load out of the Aft Island
  • School children from Glasgow witness the load out of the Aft Island
  • Glasgow School children witness a demonstration from the Emergency Response Team at the Aft Island Load Out event
  • The Aft Island of HMS Queen Elizabeth loads out onto the Clyde