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BAE Systems
Our Businesses

Our businesses cover everything from electronic warfare systems to intelligence gathering to armoured vehicles.

  • Industry - Communications Service Providers

    BAE Systems Applied Intelligence

    Our Applied Intelligence division delivers solutions which help our clients to protect and enhance their critical assets in the intelligence age. These solutions combine large-scale data exploitation, 'intelligence-grade' security and complex services and solutions integration

  • BAE Systems and Australian Defence Force showing their partnership for success

    BAE Systems Australia

    A leading supplier of communications, electronic warfare systems, military air support, air defence, mission support systems and intelligence, surveillance and reconnaissance to the Australian Defence Force.

  • The Indian Air Force has one of the largest fleets of Hawks anywhere in the world

    BAE Systems India

    BAE Systems’ newest home market and an Indian company committed to serving the armed and security forces of India.

  • Careers in KSA

    BAE Systems Saudi Arabia

    Supporting customers in the air, land, command and control and naval sectors, and supplies solutions in mechanical engineering, electronics repair and manufacturing, IT, logistics and manpower development.

  • Our Businesses - Electronic Systems

    Electronic Systems

    Offer a broad portfolio from flight and engine controls to electronic warfare and night vision systems, surveillance and reconnaissance sensors, secure networked communications equipment, and power and energy management systems.

  • Our Businesses - Intelligence & Security

    Intelligence & Security

    Provide mission-critical cyber security solutions, information technology, and intelligence and analytical tools, and support solutions to the intelligence, defense, and civilian communities.

  • RG41 wheeled armored combat vehicle

    Platforms & Services

    Platforms & Services designs, develops, produces, supports, maintains, modernizes and upgrades armored combat vehicles, wheeled vehicles, naval guns, surface ship combatants, commercial vessels, missile launchers, artillery systems, military ordnance, and protective wear and armor.

  • HMS Dauntless and HMS Astute at sea


    We design and manufacture naval ships and submarines, as well as their combat systems and equipment.

  • Typhoon manufacturing

    Military Air & Information

    A through-life business delivering information superiority and air power to our customers in the UK and overseas.

  • J41 Close up

    Regional Aircraft

    A leading provider of regional aircraft and support services to regional airlines throughout the world.

  • Shared Services

    Shared Services

    Provide shared capabilities and support services, principally to BAE Systems internal customers. Shared technology and professional capabilities are knowledge-based, tailored to customer needs and focus on adding value.