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BAE Systems

US Supplier Diversity

BAE Systems, Inc. is committed to our small business program. Our company policy, approved by our president & CEO, requires innovative and robust supplier engagement opportunities. Our award-winning program includes Mentor Protégé, Small Business Innovation Research/Small Business Technical Transfer Research (SBIR/STTR) and AbilityOne programs. Additionally, BAE Systems has achieved or exceeded 40% small business spend for five consecutive years. ------- To learn more about the four sectors of BAE Systems Inc, please click on the graphics below:

  • Global Reach

    Intelligence & Security

    Intelligence & Security enables the U.S. government to transform data into intelligence as well as engineering, integrating and sustaining critical military platforms and systems. We provide services and products to the Department of Defense, the intelligence community, federal law enforcement officials and troops deployed around the world.

  • Bradley AMTV

    Land & Armaments

    Land and Armaments operates several locations across the US with key locations in Alabama, Michigan, Pennsylvania, Texas, Arizona and Ohio.  Our focus includes Combat and Tactical Military Vehicles, Armored Vehicles, Hard and Soft Body Armor, Helmets, and other armor solutions.  We also have operations in Minneapolis and Louisville that focus on our Naval Gun Systems.

  • Air Traffic Control and Identification Systems

    Support Solutions

    Support Solutions provides a wide range of services in engineering, systems integration, ship repair, and readiness & sustainment for military and commercial customers throughout the product lifecycle, anywhere around the world.

  • Electonic Systems Technologies

    Electronic Systems

    Electronic Systems has operations spanning commercial and defense electronics markets and offers a broad portfolio of mission critical electronic systems from flight and engine controls to electronic warfare and night vision systems, surveillance and reconnaissance sensors, secure networked communications equipment, and power and energy management systems.