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BAE Systems

Combining an understanding of transport operations with sophisticated data analysis.

Safer and smarter travel – at lower cost

Improving efficiency and extending the lives of networks

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As congestion grows across transport networks, people are demanding access to more relevant and timely travel information. Transport operators are searching for ways to meet this need, while improving the reliability, safety and security of travel. And they need to achieve this against a backdrop of tightened purse strings.

Providing good quality infrastructure or services is necessary, but it’s no longer enough. Successful transport operations require effective exploitation of the data behind the services. Network operators need to have a full picture of their assets to make the best investment and maintenance decisions, while coping with the threats posed by extreme weather or terrorism.

Transport service operators need to help travellers to plan journeys, get the right tickets and be kept informed on travel conditions while en route, but they also need to ensure they effectively enforce the rules.

How do you get the most out of assets such as CCTV or comms networks, while targeting investments to maximise network resilience? How do you ensure all travellers can get access to the information they need via the right channel, so their journeys are as reliable as possible? And how do you spot and crack down on those not complying with transport regulations or not buying tickets?

Our solutions combine a thorough understanding of transport operations with sophisticated data analysis techniques to help transport operators solve these challenges. We improve efficiency, extend the lives of networks and provide award-winning traveller experiences for the public.



Applied Intelligence - Customer Experience spacer Applied Intelligence - Asset Management
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Customer Experience


Asset Management

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Helping travel service providers meet the high expectations of their online customers. spacer Enabling more informed decisions on condition and maintenance.
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Applied Intelligence - Compliance Analytics spacer Applied Intelligence - Resilience & Security
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Compliance Analytics


Resilience & Security

Reduce inappropriate activities that are causing direct and indirect loss and damage to an enterprise, targeting both internal and external fraud. spacer Implement cost-effective measures to reduce exposure to man-made and natural threats.



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