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Helping Communications Service Providers reduce costs, generate revenue and remain secure.

Protecting & Enhancing

With slowing revenue growth, an apparently insatiable demand for bandwidth, and high customer expectations, it’s no wonder that Communications Service Providers (CSPs) are feeling the pressure to drive extra revenues, manage costs, and find new ways of maintaining customer trust and loyalty.

In this challenging environment, you need to really understand your customers and the services they want, to differentiate yourself from your competition. This is by providing great customer experience along with personalised services and offers, and prioritising the way in which you manage traffic and investment in your network to deliver this at reducing cost and in a secure, trusted way.

To help you plan and manage this, you need to bring together and analyse the multiple silos of data from across your business. This will enable you to fully understand at a highly granular level what your customers are doing and how the network is supporting them. This knowledge will enable you to make truly customer-centric decisions; targeting attractive offers and tariffs and prioritising network investment around customer need.

Customers expect a higher level of convenience and engagement through multi-channel access, so providing an attractive, convenient self-service will build loyalty, encourage greater participation (with potential for additional revenues) and reduce operating costs.  An essential element of building customer loyalty will be to earn trust by protecting their privacy in a world of increasing concerns about cyber security and loss of customer personal data.

Regulators are also driving cost through their requirements for Law Enforcement/Lawful Interception, data privacy and security; along with potential financial regulation. As the scale of your network grows, and you introduce new communication technologies, meeting these requirements can be a serious cost to growth if not efficiently managed.

With our proven skills in customer experience and data analysis, and our heritage in designing and building secure services for CSPs and Government, BAE Systems Applied Intelligence is your ideal global partner, helping you solve these key issues.


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Low Cost Compliance


 Value Added Services

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Ensure you comply with all your legal obligations in the most cost effective way. spacer Provide value added services to enterprise customers to secure mobile devices ensuring increased customer loyalty and revenue opportunity.
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Targeted Personalised Offers Tariffs and Services


Digital transformation

Gain the customer insight from your data to be able to offer personalised offers, tariffs and additional value added services to help generate more revenue. spacer Improve your customer experience by fully utilising the digital channel providing great customer loyalty and help to reduce operational costs.



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