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Detica CyberReveal®

Efficient cyber security monitoring for tomorrow’s cyber threats

The Problem

Enterprises today face a range of cyber adversaries. Amongst the most sophisticated are criminal organisations, competing companies and foreign governments determined to steal high-value information or disrupt critical services in order to inflict damage or gain unfair competitive advantage

Detica CyberReveal

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It is almost impossible to prevent a determined, knowledgeable and well-resourced attacker from compromising an organisation. They will modify and re-modify their attack over weeks, months or even years to eventually defeat an organisation’s security controls. Their actions may go undetected for some time, but the damage can be considerable and lasting.

Many organisations have responded by proactively monitoring their infrastructure to detect attackers that have successfully gained access. The objective is simple: to find, investigate and respond effectively to attacks before lasting damage is done.

We talk about the need for analytics and business intelligence to help the business make better business decisions, it is time to bring this technology to the information security department.
Neil Macdonald, VP and Gartner Fellow

The Solution

Detica CyberReveal® is the multi-threat monitoring, analytics, investigation and response product

It enables security analysts to identify and manage cyber threats quickly and efficiently, by providing big data correlation, security analytics, contextual information linking and threat intelligence all in one powerful product.

The components

CyberReveal is a true big data security analytics and investigation platform, bringing together BAE Systems Detica’s heritage in network intelligence, big data analytics and cyber threat research into a unique enterprise-scalable product. CyberReveal comprises of three core components: Platform; Analytics and Investigator:

The Benefits

The solution provides security analysts with a single view of network activity across the whole IT estate and detects attackers by their behaviour, not just by the signatures of previously encountered attacks

It prioritises suspicious activity against the latest threat intelligence and attack models, enriching security alerts with business, open source and third party data.

The key benefits are:

  • Efficiency: significantly improves analyst productivity and drives more value from existing security monitoring systems.
  • Threat: finds the most sophisticated, targeted threats and can be extended to monitor any threat.
  • Scale: scales to any organisation, affordably.
  • Decision making: allows security analysts to make informed decisions, fast.


If you would like to find out more about Detica CyberReveal please contact us at cybersecurity@baesystemsdetica.com


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