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Armadillo Delivered

We have delivered a new variant of our CV90 Armadillo, finished in traditional Danish Army camouflage, to the Danish Army Oksbol base for competitive evaluation to meet Denmark's armored personnel carrier requirement


Class-leading protection and optimum mission flexibility


Trials - involving five different vehicles - begin mid-April and will continue until September with contract scheduled for February next year. First deliveries will be in 2015.

CV90 Armadillo delivered for Danish Army trials


Armadillo offers class-leading protection and optimum  mission flexibility. A “hot” production line (CV90 is in build for Norway) and six existing operators mean a proven low-risk solution, both for initial purchase and long-term sustainment and upgrade.

Denmark is looking to replace its existing M113s in a deal which will also include a 15-year innovative support contract.

Armadillo is a turretless version of CV90 with ballistic and mine protection which exceed Stanag 4a/b. Removal of the turret gives six tonnes of “spare” payload for further protection or other purposes on top of its "fighting configuration" while its state-of-the-art electronic architecture allows “plug and play” of new systems.


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Mike Sweeney

Mike Sweeney