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Threat Analytics Engine

Threat Analytics Engine
A Big Data platform, advanced analytics and an investigation console designed by analysts for rapid detection and efficient threat hunting
Recent attacks have shown that it isn’t realistic to protect an organisation from every possible form of cyber-attack. Security leaders agree that there is a need for both strong perimeter protection and an effective detection and response capability to quickly find threats that are already within the environment.
In the world of big data, enterprise security managers and SOC analysts have a tough job. They know that somewhere hidden in the vast volumes of data that their network spews out on a daily basis, is the cyber data that can tell them if a cyber attack is taking place, has already taken place, or is being planned for the future.
However, modern networks create so much data, that the core challenges infrastructure and security managers now face, are how to find a cost-effective way to:
  • Capture all the data and record it all
  • Index and store it
  • Search, analyse and understand it fast enough
  • Detect any threats, particularly sophisticated ‘unknown’ cyber threats
  • Take remediative action in a valid timeframe which protects your network from current and evolving threats.

It’s not simple, and traditional methods of monitoring and detection are no longer able to do this cost effectively. A new approach is needed.

BAE Systems Threat Analytics Engine

The ability of any contemporary security system to detect cyber threats, both those which are known and as of yet unknown, will depend upon three inter-related components:
  • A Scalable Platform: to support massive scale data ingress, storage, fast querying, retrieval and analysis
  • Advanced Analytics for more powerful, focused detection: Advanced analytic algorithms which are able to trawl large scale data sets and see intricate data relationships hidden within the data which are indicative of sophisticated cyber threats
  • Investigation Console: Prioritised alerts, enrichment data, contextual data and an interactive visualisation display.

We understand the challenges

For over forty years we have helped to protect governments and businesses worldwide. BAE Systems has a long and deep history in security and intelligence, and extensive experience in dealing with the world’s most sophisticated adversaries.
To combat the growing cyber threat, we have drawn upon our rich experience to produce a combination of a world-class data collection and storage platform and revolutionary data analytic software which detects sophisticated unknown cyber threats that other security solutions cannot detect.
Designed by analysts for analysts, tried and test within our own SOCs, and used to support our global clients, our Threat Analytics Engine is available as part of our Threat Analytics solution, to help a new generation of business users combat the growing cyber threat.

Comprehensive Advanced Alert Investigation 

From within a single user interface, the BAE Systems Threat Investigation Solution is a software investigation package designed to support and enhance the effectiveness and efficiency of analysts in two key areas: Threat Triage and Alert Investigation.

Key benefits

  • Facilitate the triage and investigation of prioritised security alerts
  • Enable the easy, comprehensive and advanced analysis of cyber activity within a network
  • Strengthen an analyst’s ability to identify existing and evolving cyber threats and mitigate cyber risk
  • Simplify the generation of incident management tickets which can be integrated to customer’s ticket handling solutions.

Enabling analysts to look at data in new and novel ways, our solution provides:

  • A prioritised set of alerts that are generated by our advanced analytics which cover multiple stages of the typical cyber-attack lifecycle
  • Automated information enrichment of alerts and data elements
  • An enhanced analyst methodology supporting simple and rapid click-through analysis of alert investigation with the ability to visualise and graph the dynamic relationships found between complex data, by simply clicking and dragging data elements into a defined visual work-space.
Our BAE Systems Threat Investigation Solution enables analysts to process and investigate large number of alerts, investigate and identify real cyber threats and help protect your organisation from cyber attack.
Contact us today to discuss your requirements with our experts.