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Tax and Benefits Fraud

Government and Tax Fraud
Our NetReveal solution is used worldwide by government agencies to uncover fraud and significantly increase revenues
BAE Systems is at the front line of protecting governments from a multi billion dollar fraud, avoidance, error and debt problem in their tax and benefit systems.

NetReveal - our fraud detection and prevention platform

Our NetReveal® solution is a fraud detection and prevention platform which uses data analytics to enable tax and benefits agencies to make better-informed decisions on each and every return, claim or case. Our clients have used this technology to achieve a step-change in effectiveness of all aspects of their fraud and compliance strategy; education, prevention, detection, investigations and audit.

NetReveal creates a single view of all individuals, companies, addresses and other entities across all tax or benefits data sources, identifying cases with a high risk of error, non- compliance, debt, fraud or serious criminal activity. The solution uses a wide range of proven fraud and non-compliance detection models to automatically search for network patterns, identifying suspicious activity using a holistic view of the information available.
By risk-assessing all tax or benefit registrations, returns and claims and automatically prioritising investigations and interventions, organisations can increase the efficiency of their compliance teams, to focus their efforts on the high-priority cases that enable maximum yield.

NetReveal for Tax and Benefits Fraud, proven to:

  • increase revenue and reduce losses by billions of dollars per year, whilst performing fewer investigations
  • reduce time spent on investigations from weeks to days or hours
  • identify previously undetected methods of fraud
  • prevent fraud by performing risk assessments in real-time
  • enable measurement of the impacts of education, investigation and deterrent campaigns.