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A highly-scalable threat management and situational awareness system, which securely manages and controls multiple SingleKey™ and Bayshore SCADA Firewall™ appliances from a single point of control.

SingleView delivers real-time analytics and threat intelligence data to mission-critical customer applications. Leveraging advanced analytics, application discovery, and behavior profiling technologies, SingleView automatically collects and aggregates log and alert data from Bayshore appliances. A globally applicable policy can be developed through collaboration of various business functions:

  • Application developers
  • Application administrators
  • Firewall administrators
  • Network security analysts
  • Application security specialists

SingleView also incorporates Bayshore’s Pallaton™, a powerful and innovative Layer 7 policy-expression language, in addition to providing enterprise-wide visibility to application servers and a global view of Enterprise and SCADA networks.  Pallaton is unique in that it combines firewall and threat languages to provide granular control to the data level. 

SingleView is used to manage Bayshore's high-performance SingleKey firewall which is deployed at Layer 7 in the high-traffic network core, and optimized to provide large defense, critical infrastructure, and industrial enterprises with critical asset and intellectual property protection against advanced cyber threats and insider attacks. SingleView also manages the Bayshore SCADA Firewall which is the industry's only Layer 7 Firewall to secure critical civil infrastructure such as electrical grids, nuclear plants, building automation, transportation, water systems, etc.