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A collaboration and dissemination tool built on a No-SQL database that utilizes STOP OS™ for security enforcement.

Providing secure information sharing.

In environments struggling with “need-to-know” and “need-to-protect,” SIBA provides controlled access to mission critical information without sacrificing security. The unprecedented granular redaction capability is simple to use and transparent to end users, utilizing Microsoft® Word, PowerPoint and SharePoint.

To address this, SIBA provides a revolutionary secure information sharing capability with granular data access down to the character level. This is accomplished with a secure no-SQL XML database that is far more performant and affordable than relational database solutions. The solution makes use of Microsoft Office® and SharePoint®.

Human-driven tagging of documents and records within SIBA allow users to access critical information within a given document based upon not only the network they’re on, but also the type of device they are using.


  • A “big data” database
    • A fraction of the cost of RDBMS Systems
  • Extremely granular labeling
    • Redaction labeling down to the character level in Word®/PowerPoint®
    • Greater granularity capability than Apache Accumulo™
  • Publish and search with serious security
    • Strong Multi-Level application security, with deep hooks into certified low-level assurance engine
    • Transparent to end users
  • Integrates into legacy infrastructure