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Security Device Management

Security Device Management
Our Security Device Management managed security service (MSS) provides full lifecycle management of core security devices/architectures on your network.
For security managers who currently manage and support Firewalls, IDS/IPS and VPN Remote Access, or have equivalent functionality provided by a Unified Threat Management Device (UTM), we can offer a managed security service (MSS) where we provide these equivalent functions for you or manage and monitor these devices on your behalf.
This includes configuration, backups, software upgrades and patching and 24/7 monitoring for availability and performance, ensuring your devices are functioning correctly and are always available. Network devices such as routers, switches, and circuits must also be managed and monitored carefully to prevent security breaches and maintain compliance.
BAE Systems can monitor these devices on your behalf 24x7, handle all configurations and updates, and immediately notify your team of any potential issues.
In addition, taking advantage of our own Threat Intelligence and additional intelligence gleaned from attacks on our extensive client base, we can pro-actively update devices in response to security incidents or known threats, i.e. by updating proxy white or black lists or deploying IPS signatures.

If you would also like to outsource the management of other security devices, please let us know and discuss your managed security services (MSS) requirements with us.



Improve network security

  • Our security experts monitor your approved IDS/IPSs, Firewalls, VPNs or UTM devices, routers and switches 24x7 and respond immediately to any security issues
  • Our team utilises Security Information and Event Management (SIEM) Intelligence and advanced detection techniques to prevent sophisticated attacks that are difficult for in-house security teams using standalone UTM solutions to detect
  • Because we correlate security events across our entire customer base, we can react to emerging threats more quickly than in-house teams.

Reduce costs and complexity of your UTM management

  • We handle complex UTM updates, patches, and configuration changes, empowering your team to focus on core business activities
  • We monitor your UTM device 24x7, eliminating the need to staff an in-house security team around the clock.

Reduce the compliance burden

  • Our unparalleled compliance expertise reduces the costs and complexity of meeting compliance and helps you avoid fines
  • Our audit-ready reports reduce the costs and headaches of preparing for compliance audits.
Contact us to discuss your managed security service (MSS) requirements.
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The Forrester Wave: Managed Security Services Providers, North America

BAE Systems was cited a Strong Performer among "The 11 Providers That Matter Most" in The Forrester Wave(tm): Managed Security Services Providers, North America, Q3 2016. Forrester notes "BAE Systems' acquisition of Silversky brought enterprise resources and capital it lacked prior to the acquisition. BAE Systems also added advanced threat research and intelligence to Silversky's nascent capabilities in that area." According to Forrester, "A deep and wide range of security services - including legacy managed and monitoring services - combined with advanced analytics offers customers a range of options."