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San Diego Ship Repair

Pride of California
The San Diego shipyard is a compact, modern facility, serving customers by delivering excellent cost, schedule, and quality performance from an accomplished, experienced, and highly knowledgeable workforce and management team.

Conveniently located in one of the U.S. Navy's mega-ports in the San Diego Bay, the facility encompasses 20 acres of property and over 16.6 acres of water area. The facility is leased from the Port of San Diego and is adjacent to the U.S. Naval Station.  San Diego Ship Repair maintains fully-equipped shops and can plan, manage and perform all levels of repair or modernization, both emergent and regularly scheduled.

San Diego Ship Repair works on virtually all types of government and commercial vessels, including U.S. Navy fleet, landing platform docks, dock landing ships, cruise ships, tankers, and barges.

The full-service repair facility is ISO 9001 1994 and has excellent access to the Pacific Ocean.

San Diego Ship Repair is successfully executing five-year multi-ship, multi-option contracts for:

  • Guided Missile Cruisers (CG)
  • Guided Missile Destroyers (DDG)
  • Landing Transport Dock Amphibious Ships (LPD)
  • Mine Counter Measure Ships (MCM)

San Diego Ship Repair is a significant teammate on the Aircraft Carrier, Large Deck Amphibious Ship, Frigate, and Amphibious Ship Midlife contracts.


  • Four Piers – 2,800 ft
  • Pride of San Diego Drydock – 26,000 ton lift