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Critical Infrastructure Solutions

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BAE Systems customers rely on SCADA and application firewall technologies from technology partner Bayshore Networks. Bayshore uniquely enables high-speed (up to 10Gpbs) monitoring and control at the network control, with distributed sensors across geographies and industrial control elements of the network, all reporting into centralized, SOC-friendly administration.


The industry's only multi-protocol Layer 7 application firewall securing both Internet-facing and internal enterprise applications by detecting and blocking advanced persistent threats targeted at your network

Bayshore SCADA Firewall™

A Layer 7 application firewall that provides the most powerful line of defense against targeted attacks on critical infrastructure and industrial control systems


A highly-scalable global policy management and situational awareness tool. It remotely and securely controls multiple SingleKey and SCADA Firewall appliances 


The EAL 4+ FIPS 140-2 rated, high assurance, general purpose OS optimized to run third-party developer applications