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Advanced sonobuoy communications link (ASCL) Plus

ASCL Plus enhances the currently-fielded AN/ARR-78(V) sonobuoy receiver system, providing a more versatile and effective high-performance system that meets demanding anti-submarine warfare (ASW) requirements.

The ASCL Plus design doubles the receiver complement by incorporating two digital receivers in the current AN/ARR-78(V) receiver module form factor, providing up to 40 acoustic channels for processing. Each digital receiver is easily commanded to any frequency in the 99-channel sonobuoy receiver band. The demodulated output of each receiver is fully compatible with existing ASW signal processors, and is readily adaptable to other processor interfaces.


  • Doubles the current ARR-78(V) acoustic channel complement to 40 within existing form factor
  • 99 channels per receiver for expanded operational performance
  • Backfit compatible with currently fielded ARR-78(V)
  • Configuration adaptable to all ASW platforms
  • Highest system reliability
  • Ease of maintenance through extensive built-in self-test
  • Current ARR-78(V) receivers upgradable to two to one
  • MIL-STD-2000 manufacturing