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Bonus is a 155 mm artillery-launched sensor fused munitions shell that combats any armoured vehicle from Main Battle Tanks to Armoured Fighting Vehicles and including self-propelled artillery.

BONUS is designed in accordance with the 'Joint Ballistic Memorandum of Understanding'  and is compatible with most existing artillery guns. At the gun site it is handled just like any standard artillery shell.

The shell body, which carries two sensor-fuzed sub-munitions, is provided with a base-bleed, giving ranges out to 35km. Each of the sensor-fuzed sub-munitions can defeat a target.

When the BONUS round is above the target area, two warheads are expelled. The warhead is equipped with a sensor system that searches for armoured objects within a a 200 m diameter area. Immediately a target is detected within the footprint, it is destroyed by an EFP (Explosively Formed Penetrator) punching through its roof and devastating its interior.

BONUS detects and identifies targets by processing images received from IR  sensors ranging over several frequencies and then combining the results with data received from a profile sensor.

By measuring the target profile and then comparing it with the results received from the IR sensors, combat-worthy targets can be separated from false ones. This combination of sensors also means that BONUS is effective against targets provided with both passive and reactive protection systems.