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Law Enforcement Agencies

We help clients in the police and criminal justice system find more effective solutions to prevent and detect crime.

From expert advice to the integration of sophisticated platforms, our solutions don’t just prevent harm and protect people, they also increase your operational efficiency, responsiveness and effectiveness.

By running your law enforcement operations so that they are intelligence led yields better results; ensuring that you prioritise investigations and resources effectively, delivering improvements in the detection and disruption of organised crime, terrorist financing, money laundering, tax evasion and fraud.

How can we help you?

We are a global provider of specialist communications and intelligence technologies. We offer a comprehensive product portfolio for intelligence acquisition, information analysis and insight generation.  Our portfolio includes precise and flexible communications interception products which feed information to high quality processing and analysis tools.

In today’s world, data analytics is of increasing importance when it comes to extracting the maximum amount of intelligence from available communication and other data sources to preserve mission critical activities and protect the vulnerable.  Taking an intelligence led approach to policing helps you increase your operational efficiency by minimising manual data processing and helping you to predict emerging threats.

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