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When planes can’t fly, trains cannot transport people or freight and the roads are blocked, a country can quickly grind to a halt with serious impacts for both safety and the economy
When public transport systems do not function efficiently, and when a population's ability to commute to work or travel for pleasure is impacted by ticketing, infrastructure or network problems, transport issues can rapidly escalate to become a government's problem.
BAE Systems is a global defence and consultancy company with a presence in all major markets. We have a rich heritage in working with governments and private companies to ensure that their transportation networks and infrastructures are optimised, secured, maintained and kept safe. Our expertise covers many areas of specialisations, including but not limited to:

Cyber security 

We provide an extensive range of security products, cyber technical services and managed security services that protect critical infrastructure from cyber attack. Our cyber security experience is second to none. Our heritage is in protecting governments and some of the most important companies worldwide, including clients who trust us to help secure their transport network.

Customer experience and ticketing 

Transport service operators need to help travellers to plan journeys, get the right tickets and be kept informed on travel conditions whilst en route. The availability of relevant, reliable, accurate and timely information before and during a trip also impacts how a traveller perceives a journey.
Online channels are now at the heart of information dissemination and ticketing for many travel and transport companies. Getting the design of these channels right requires a blend of creative design agency skills with systems architecture and transport domain expertise.
Furthermore, the developments in mobile communications capability and ongoing advances in social media have affected both information generation and communication between transport providers and their customers.
We are able to offer the benefits of bringing these capabilities together in a single company, starting from market strategy, then going through customer experience analysis to creative design and running online presences. Our user-centred design approach ensures web and other online channels are designed, developed, implemented and operated to maximise customer satisfaction and conversion rate. Crucially, it often does this whilst improving organisational efficiency.
BAE Systems’ user-centred design approach helps travel service providers meet the high expectations of their customers.

Asset management 

In the current economic climate, spending is being reduced across much of the transport infrastructure. However, in spite of lower budgets and ongoing risks of major disruption, the transport sector is still expected to deliver improved reliability, journey times and customer service.
To achieve this, transport companies need to more effectively and efficiently manage existing assets in order to minimise replacement and repair costs. BAE Systems can help transport organisations to improve the information they have on their assets and to analyse that information, so they can make more informed decisions on condition, capability and maintenance requirements.

Resilience and transport security 

Infrastructure owners and transport operators must constantly plan and prepare for high consequence threats – both man-made, including terrorist attacks and espionage, as well as natural events, such as severe weather and pandemics. BAE Systems’ award-winning approach to resilience helps its transport infrastructure clients to assess these threats, to understand potential impacts on their assets and to implement targeted, proportionate and cost-effective measures to help reduce their operational and reputational risk exposures.


When freight and public transport companies operate on a large scale, there are significant opportunities for those who may seek to take advantage of systems and processes. Using our in depth knowledge of transport systems, combined with our rich heritage in analytics, BAE Systems can help you spot inappropriate activities arising from both internal and external fraud.
Today, no country can function without a transportation network that is secure, reliable and efficient. As populations grow and industries develop, governments need to ensure that their roads, train networks, canal networks, aviation infrastructures and systems, all enable and support the efficient, timely and continuous delivery of people, goods and essential services. 
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