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Transactions & Payments Filtering

Financial Crime - Transactions and Payments Filtering
Our NetReveal solution for Transactions and Payments Filtering provides you with market-proven procedures to facilitate regulatory reporting, transaction interdiction and asset freezing.
Financial institutions are required to screen or filter payment instructions (i.e. wire or funds transfers) prior to their execution in order to prevent making funds available in breach of sanctions, embargoes and other measures.

NetReveal Transaction and Payment Filtering solution

Our NetReveal Transaction and Payment Filtering solution provides effective and efficient procedures to facilitate investigations and actions such as regulatory reporting, transaction interdiction or asset freezing.
It is widely used for screening transactions in a variety of formats including SWIFT MT, SWIFT MX, NACHA ACH, ISO20022 and FEDWIRE.

Key benefits

  • Capture of watch lists and import to managed watch lists such as OFAC, HM Treasury, EU, DFAT, OSFI and UN
  • Blocking and interdiction of transactions in real-time and follow up reporting through regulatory disclosure or workflow instructions to users
  • Automatic import of data from source and third-parties
  • Detection of different forms of data within financial transactions across business lines, such as names and addresses or free text information such as dates and numeric details
  • Detection logic for specific transaction types, geographies or counterparties
  • Scalable architecture including high-availability, fault-tolerance and load-balancing
  • Minimising false positives through tuning of detection logic
  • Swift Certified Solution Provider for 10 years - View full details of SWIFT Certified Application on the Swift website.
SWIFT Certification for Transaction Filtering