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Threat Intelligence Management

Threat Intelligence Management
Operationalised threat intelligence that drives informed defence
Most companies recognise that it is more a question of when an organisation will be attacked, rather than if.

Furthermore, organisations now realise that to maximise the value and effectiveness of their security resources, being more informed as to the threats that they face, is critical to increasing their ability to detect new sophisticated cyber threats, mitigate their risk and enhance their protection against them.
However, it is not as simple as that: being informed does not equate to being protected.

The need for more effective threat intelligence management

In recent years, many businesses have taken steps to acquire information which could inform them about the threats they face, but now find themselves unable to cope with and process the sheer volume of threat information they are receiving.
Threat information which is received but not efficiently and properly reviewed, understood, analysed and actioned, will not contribute to the defence of an organisation. To be effective, in addition to having subscribed to or obtained reliable sources of threat information, an organisation must have the ability to:
  • Process that information and convert it into intelligence that informs them about the nature and details of a threat
  • Turn that intelligence into defensive capability which rapidly enhances the ability of the organisation to protect itself from that threat.
We believe that there are five key steps in managing threat intelligence and turning it into effective informed defence of your organisation.


Our platform implements a workflow that provides automation for repeatable processes, whilst supporting rapid real-time analysis by experienced human operators. Using this solution, when new threat information is received by your organisation, we will help you reduce the time it takes to:
  • Store, triage and process the data
  • Access and manage all the intelligence from a single portal
  • Derive a broad view of the ever changing threat landscape
  • Analyse the data and transform it into actionable threat intelligence
  • Integrate this new knowledge with BAE Systems Threat Analytics Engine and BAE Systems Threat Investigation solutions for more effective threat detection and alert investigation
  • Generate threat reports and new threat signatures
  • Share these with decision makers and security managers who can then conduct sensor enrichment to protect.