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Banking & Capital Markets Fraud

Banking and Capital Markets Fraud
NetReveal solutions for banking fraud help minimise financial loss and protect customers. Our advanced analytics approach finds fraud faster and uncovers previously undetectable criminal behaviour across banking and payment channels
Internal and external threats are rapidly increasing in the banking and payments landscape, the velocity of attacks and increasing sophistication expose any weakness in your systems and infrastructure. It has become vital to keep ahead of new and evolving fraud signatures and regulations as point solutions alone are not enough. A clear strategy is needed to achieve a robust defense model to deal with the evolving fraud threat and to optimise your systems to provide efficiency and effectiveness.

NetReveal for Banking Fraud Solution

Our NetReveal® for Banking Fraud solution identifies unusual and suspicious behaviours hidden in the constant flow of vast quantities of data that enter and reside in an organisation. It combines predictive analytics with advanced social network analysis, to identify risk, criminality and fraud. Our consultants’ in-depth industry expertise coupled with innovative and powerful technology solutions means that NetReveal® can identify irregular activity faster, earlier and more efficiently and effectively than conventional systems.
BAE Systems is breaking boundaries in combating banking fraud to help keep your organisation ahead of new and evolving threats.

Payments fraud

Our payments fraud solution combines information about the financial aspect of the payment with channel information to derive accurate fraud risk indicators. Explore our comprehensive payment fraud detection solution in our Multi-channel Retail Banking Fraud Inforgraphic.

Check and deposit fraud

Our deposit fraud solution pre-packages the critical capabilities you need to manage suspicious and/or potentially fraudulent deposit activity.

Application and account monitoring

Our application fraud solution processes applications in real-time to provide an instant accept, refer or reject decision. Download our 'Application Fraud and Account Monitoring white paper'to discover our multi-layered approach to help your organisation combat first party fraud.

Card fraud

Our card fraud solution provides issuing and acquiring solutions for detection and prevention of card fraud in real-time.

Unauthorised trading

Our solution for unauthorised trading creates an integrated view of controls and trade data across the natural silos that exist within an investment bank, from front to back office, across product groups and control areas.

We use data to help you achieve your critical business objectives by improving the quality of data captured, securing it and employing advanced analytic techniques to enable you to make better informed decision.

We can help you to:

  • Detect and prevent fraud, especially as new channels make it easier for adversaries to manipulate their identities and test your thresholds
  • Better understand your customer behaviour, so that you attract and retain customers more effectively
  • Develop a single holistic view to enable you to make timely and better informed decisions
  • Comply with regulatory obligations and optimise the systems you already have in place
  • Extract insight from your structured and unstructured data
  • Take a risk-based approach to fraud detection and prevention, using advanced analytics and workflow to drive efficiency in your fraud investigation organisation
If you want to learn more about how BAE Systems can help your organisation prevent banking fraud, contact us today to speak to one of our experts.