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Transition from McAfee to our email protection services

And receive services, migration and our advanced Zero Day Threat Prevention all free for up to 6 months*

Intel to Retire McAfee Email Security ServicesIntel Security retired their Intel/McAfee SaaS Email Security Service in January 2016. Switch to BAE Systems, a leader in complete Email Protection Services that are fully compatible with all cloud and CPE email platforms.

Your email security is critical to your business and too important to leave in the hands of a company whose core competence is not security. Take this opportunity to enhance your email security with Email Protection Services from BAE Systems.

Why enhance your email security?


Email is quite possibly your single most impactful business tool today: Simple. Low cost. Efficient.

Yet it’s these very same characteristics that make it a security risk for just about any business. The fact is email systems just weren’t designed with security in mind.

Even with the most up-to-date spam and anti-virus software spear-phishing and zero-day exploits are so effective that it takes just ten emails to guarantee an infection. That’s why 91 percent of targeted cyber attacks begin with an email.

At the same time distracted employees can unintentionally (or in some cases intentionally) send valuable and unprotected information outside the company, which may result in significant financial and reputational loss for your business.

Whether it's malicious emails coming into your system or employees inadvertently including sensitive data in emails, today's security risks call for the implementation of much more robust and advance outbound and inbound email protection.

Why choose BAE Systems?

  • Heritage and experience defending the world’s leading private organisations and governments
  • 5 global Security Operations Centers processing over 50M emails weekly
  • No hardware or software installation, migration or integration required
  • Compliance and reliability built-in
  • Easy management of all services from a single console
  • Compatibility with third party email services

Limited Time Offer for Comparable McAfee Email Security Services

  • Get 6 months free with every 3-year contract or
  • Get 3 months free with every 2-year contract
  • With every contract you also get:
    • Free branding on the security portal
    • Free migration and setup
This offer expired 31 December 2015 except for the Asia Pacific region where this offer continues to 30 April 2016.  Call us now:
Americas +1 800.234.2175
Europe & Middle East +44 (0) 203 296 5900
Asia Pacific +65 91187466
Contact us today to beneft from this limited time offer. 
* Terms and conditions apply:
Terms are 3 months free based on a 2 year contract or 6 months free based on a 3 year contract.
For a limited time, BAE Systems is offering six months of free service for select products to McAfee customers who switch over to our Email Protection Service (EPS). In addition, customers will get free branding for their portal and security services, free migration and set-up services, and free transport layer security (TLS) setup for on-premise mail customers.
This offer expired 31 December 2015 except for the Asia Pacific region where this offer continues to 30 April 2016.