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Secure Your Cloud Environment

Most organisations now rely on the cloud to solve basic business challenges
Secure Your Cloud EnvironmentAs with any period of rapid technological change, it pays to think about the emerging and latent security risks. Cloud computing, systems and applications can help you manage your dynamic workload in a more efficient and agile manner.
As more and more organisations turn to the cloud, it is increasingly important that we consider the security risks cloud technology represents.

For any organisation looking at partnering with a public cloud services provider, there are a number of key business benefits and cyber security concerns which should be considered.

Business benefits of cloud technology

One of the greatest advantages organisations gain with the proper cloud deployment is agility, but there are many more, including:

•    Flexibility - flexibility to scale up or down according to needs
•    Disaster recovery - cloud-based backup and recovery solutions
•    Automatic updates - regular software and security updates
•    Mobile friendly - mobile apps meet the needs of the mobile workforce
•    Lower costs - cloud computing costs the cost of hardware

But is the cloud too good to be true?

Despite these benefits - and similar to traditional on-premise environments - securing cloud infrastructures, applications and the data that resides within them does present risks.
Unfortunately, many organisations fail to recognise that security basics are still security basics in the cloud. There are numerous areas of security must be considered, including: compliance, availability, physical security, network security, application deployments, virtual machine segregation and organisational skills. 
Our 'Secure Your Cloud Environment' white paper explores the business benefits and security concerns of technology in more detail and explains the areas which organisations should consider when embarking on a move to a cloud provider.