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MIDS Field Test Equipment (MFTE)

MIDS Field Test Equipment
Hardware and software test tool supports full-functional testing, field repairs, integration, and software maintenance.

The multifunctional information distribution system field test equipment is one of a comprehensive suite of automated terminal testers from BAE Systems. The MIDS field test equipment is the gear of choice for lower-level testing.

Designed for testing flexibility, the MIDS field test equipment features a mature software suite and intuitive controls. The adaptable system supports built-in test (BIT), stand-alone, and two-terminal testing. Its powerful, portable computer houses all the interface cards necessary for control and system communication functions. The MIDS field test equipment supports functional testing, field repairs, integration, and software maintenance.


Terminal features

  • Real-time terminal status, performance monitoring, and control.
  • BIT and terminal initiation with rapid upload and download.
  • Visibility into the terminal operation via the host bus (1553) or support access port.
  • Record and analyze terminal data.
  • Situational display and scenario generation.
  • Transmit and receive tactical digital information link-J-series-messages.

Software maintenance

  • Read and update maintenance parameters.
  • Reprogram operational flight programs.

Data recording

  • Rapid data recording for post-test analysis.


  • Flexible training courses offered to suit customer needs.