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Link 16 - JTIDS class 2M terminal

JTIDS Class 2M terminal
Link 16 - customized for Army applications. Implementing the tri-service and NATO tactical digital information link -J (TADIL-J) message formats, this radio has proven its ability to link Army, Navy, and Air Force platforms. A flood-routing algorithm simplifies the network setup and operation.

The single box has been ruggedized for operation in Army vehicles and shelters. Terminals can be set up by the user at a host processor by loading a pre-stored mission file, or by entering the local identifier code, allowing the initialization parameters and network crypto keys to be downloaded from a distant radio.

2M terminals provide precise position determination, and positive self-identification. Forces on the move benefit from the terminal's flexibility; the omnidirectional antenna provides 7.5 dB gain around the full 360 degrees of azimuth.

An optional, directional antenna can be installed on selected point-to-point links without losing the ability to use the standard omni-directional capability. The international standard X.25 host interface can allow remote access of the terminal several kilometers away from the user, or over telephone circuits.

Variable message format allows terminals to embed messages in other formats (e.g., TADIL-A, ATDL, PADIL) or to transmit free-text messages for maximum end-user operability.

JTIDS Class 2M terminal feature

  • Rapid set-up
  • Easy relocation
  • Communications on the move
  • Department of Defense and NATO interoperability
  • High capacity channels
  • Multiple message formats
  • Accurate position data
  • Dual-mode identification
  • Distributed network operation

JTIDS Class 2M Terminal Applications

  • Forward Area Air Defense
    • Battalion Technical Operations Center
    • Air Battle Management Operations Center
    • Army Airspace Command and Control liaison
    • Sensor C2 nodes