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Link 16 - JTIDS class 2 terminals

Class 2 Link 16 joint tactical information distribution systems terminals help the armed forces meet their critical data exchange needs.

BAE Systems’ JTIDS and MIDS use a proven method of information exchange. Data from surveillance aircraft can be instantly shared with other coalition forces, surface or air, enabling friendly forces to see beyond their sensors.

Using time division multiple access (TDMA), information is broadcast in all directions to any terminal within range, from many transmitters to many receivers. Hundreds of users can share information within the network, increasing their ability to support diverse applications and missions.

Enhancing situational awareness

Because all Link 16-connected forces have accurate, real-time knowledge of the battle space, friendly forces can effectively use cooperative engagement techniques, allowing a number of platforms to press an offensive, increase their defensive strength, or respond to a mobile asymmetrical attack.

Members of a task force can share sensor data and coordinate timing using the Link 16 TDMA network. Dual targeting is reduced by sharing active targeting intent messages.

Ensuring secure, jam-resistant communications

Link 16 terminals use direct-sequence, spread-spectrum techniques, and fast-frequency hopping to prevent enemy interception or jamming. Traffic is encrypted as an information security measure.

Providing highly accurate navigation

Link 16 platforms use on-board navigation, weapons, and radar systems to feed information into the network. Terminals are configured to use GPS navigation and timing data to enhance net sync. Users can display navigation waypoints and targets, locate surface-to-air sites, locate friendly and hostile ground forces, and friendly air bases and alternate recovery bases.

Positive identification

Link 16 terminals broadcast a precise position location and identification message. These messages provide reliable identification of the platform, reducing or eliminating risk of fratricide. Also, command and control centers can transmit tracking identification of friendly forces.