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Identification Friend or Foe (IFF)

IFF interrogators

IFF Interrogators
Modular/digital architecture affords customized configurations and performance optimization for surveillance, air defense, weapons systems, air traffic control, and range instrumentation systems.

BAE Systems’ AN/UPX-41(C) is the standard U.S. Navy interrogator with more than 1,000 units delivered. Digital target reporting can be provided, and the system operates autonomously or in conjunction with a host radar. The AN/UPX-41(C) is fully Mode 5 capable.

The AN/APX-122 is the interrogator system for the next-generation carrier-based airborne early warning  IFF system. The AN/APX-122 system operates in conjunction with the new radar and secondary antenna co-located in the rotodome. The system is fully Mode 5 capable and includes a target tracking function.