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Cross Domain and Content Inspection Solutions

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BAE Systems’ XTS Guard was chosen by the DoD as its enterprise-class cross domain solution. XTS Guard is also available in tactical form factors where size, weight and power (SWaP) considerations are a priority.

The product portfolio includes the first Common Criteria EAL 7+ evaluated product in the U.S. and the Data Diode Solution unidirectional data pump. BAE Systems newest capability is SIBA. With connections into Microsoft Office and SharePoint, it enables high-performance fine-grained access control of documents and databases, enabling unprecedented secure, controlled information sharing.

Data Diode Solution™

The EAL 7+ UCDMO baseline approved unidirectional CDS

XTS® Guard

A UCDMO baseline approved multi-directional/multi-enclave bidirectional CDS that runs on BAE Systems' own secure operating system: STOP OS


Intensive data labeling application based on Microsoft Office and SharePoint with the world's finest-grained access control, down to the character level