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Precision Guided Munitions

Learn about some of our Precision Guided Munitions capabilities...

What are Precision Guided Munitions?

An array of advanced fire power projectiles...
5-in Standard Guided Projectile (SGP)
5-in Standard Guided Projectile (SGP)

Precision Guided Munitions (PGM) are an array of advanced fire power projectiles that use precision guided technology to hit targets more precisely, resulting in less collateral damage than any projectile before it – sometimes referred to as “smart” munitions. As the U.S. pivots to the Pacific, PGMs will become more critical when executing future combat operations. BAE Systems has developed PGMs since 2002 and has mastered the capability of further developing the technology for the U.S. Navy, its allies, and now the U.S. Army and Marine Corps.

Why are Precision-Guided Munitions relevant today?

In today’s environment, under the Pentagon’s national defense strategy which calls for a Pacific pivot and an agile, deployable, technologically superior force, BAE Systems is responding accordingly.  Precision Guided Munitions will be particularly relevant as we face increased sea and land areas of what the Pentagon has coined as Anti-Access/Area-Denial, or (A2/AD), and the challenges that come with those mission areas. As U.S. ships and other sea forces are pushed further and further from the enemy due to increased capability by our adversaries, we need to be capable of fighting longer distances in order to remain a dominant force. Precision-Guided Munitions will allow just that – smart fighting power at further distances.

Long Range Land Attack Projectile

Truly the first of its kind...

As the creator of the Long Range Land Attack Projectile (LRLAP), BAE Systems is the contractor of choice for the Navy’s biggest, smartest gun systems and munitions in existence. The 155-mm LRLAP, set to be fired from the Advanced Gun System aboard the Navy’s latest destroyer, the DDG-1000 Zumwalt, fires at ranges up to 74 nautical miles, can change course mid-flight using its GPS guidance, and minimizes collateral damage when it reaches its target.

Multi-Service Standard Guided Projectile

Responsive, tactical and long-range...
5-inch Standard Guided Projec...

Building off of the successes of the LRLAP, BAE Systems saw a need for a smaller, 5-inch “smart” munitions that could be fired from existing destroyers and cruisers from guns currently in service – this lead to the development of the Multi Service-Standard Guided Projectile. Currently the U.S. and its allies are using significantly more expensive solutions to provide fire support when addressing tactical targets. For example, the U.S. Navy fired 320 Tomahawk Land Attack Missiles (TLAM) within the first three days of the Libya Campaign (March 2011) at a cost of $480 million.  A report identified those same targets would have cost less than $15 million to execute the Libya Campaign using an MS-SGP.

The MS-SGP can provide not only the U.S. Navy but also the U.S. Army and Marine Corps with an affordable, long-range, and precise gun-launched projectile to greatly expand organic fire support capabilities. BAE Systems has plans to deploy the MS-SGP for the M777 towed howitzer, widely used by the Army and Marine Corps. The MS-SGP provides a single projectile capable of responsive, tactical fires for addressing stationary or moving targets for multiple U.S. or allied services at a fraction of the cost of current alternatives.

The Multi-Service Standard Guided Projectile can provide U.S. forces with an affordable, long-range, and precision gun-launched projectile to greatly expand our fire support capability.

Chris Hughes, vice president and general manager of Weapon Systems


Recent Guided Flight Test

In partnership with United Technologies Corporation, we've completed a successful guided flight test of the Multi-Service Standard Guided Projectile at White Sands Missile Range, New Mexico.
BAE Systems and United Techno...

All Multi-Service Standard Guided Projectile flight test objectives were achieved, demonstrating its performance from a 5-inch 62-caliber Mk 45 Mod 4 Naval Gun System.