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BAE Systems is on a journey to advance a culture that values, embraces, and celebrates a wide range of employee qualities and characteristics.

A diverse, inclusive workforce helps us become a more creative, higher-performing company and a great workplace that benefits every employee across the organization.

Diversity and inclusion encompass many dimensions:

  • Diversity is the collective strength of different experiences, skills, talents, perspectives, personal characteristics, and cultures that each employee brings to an organization.
  • Inclusion is the engagement and celebration of each individual and collectively creating an environment in which every employee feels respected, valued, and included in the organization’s mission.

Diversity Inclusion Councils 
Sector and site-based diversity councils are made up of employees who want to help foster inclusion as a workplace culture where all employees can feel valued for who they are.  These councils support our engagement strategy to attract and retain top talent to drive more innovative solutions that can meet the demands of our business.  

Employee Resource Groups
An Employee Resource Group is a network of employees who gather around a common diversity dimension. The groups foster awareness, respect, and inclusion across the organization. For members, they serve as forums for networking and professional development, provide a platform for exchange of ideas, and offer opportunities to engage in philanthropic outreach activities at corporate, regional, and local levels.

These groups are operating currently:

  • African Americans Committed to Excellence
  • Generations (multi-generational group)
  • HOLA! (Hispanic Organization for Leadership Advancement)
  • OutLink (LGBTQA)
  • Women’s Inclusive Network
  • Veterans Support Network
  • Abilities Beyond Limits and Expectations (ABLE) Network (disability and caregivers)

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