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Information Superiority

Enabling our customers to achieve information superiority.
We provide robust end-to-end solutions and systems that can direct, collect, process, and disseminate an uninterrupted flow of information, and enable our customers to achieve information superiority.

Information Superiority Products

  • Common Data Link (CDL) Radio Products


    Common data link (CDL) radio products

    Complete, affordable wideband wireless network radios for all domains.

  • UAV uses BAE Systems signals intelligence system to gather critical data


    Signals intelligence (SIGINT)

    Providing insight into adversaries’ actions by collecting and analyzing electronic signals and communications

  • Light Airborne Multipurpose System (LAMPS) Hawklink


    Light Airborne Multipurpose System (LAMPS) Hawklink

    To ensure information dominance for naval forces, wideband data must be moved in real time from helicopters to surface ships. This data provides all forces with a real-time picture of the battle space.

  • Product

    Warfighter Information Network – Tactical

    To achieve the information dominance called for in Joint Vision 2010 and 2020, commanders must be able to exploit real-time voice, data, and video communication in a network with highly extended forces. Mobile networks, a system solution from BAE Systems, make this possible now.

  • MIDS interface simulator (MIS)


    Multifunctional Information Distribution System (MIDS) interface simulator (MIS)

    The MIDS interface simulator maximizes operational flight hardware and software integration testing.

  • Link 16

    Product Family

    Link 16 Products

    A major contributor to network-centric warfare

  • JTIDS Class 2H terminal


    Link 16 - JTIDS class 2H terminal

    The Link 16 – JTIDS class 2H terminal offers full interoperability with all other JTIDS terminals, and adds capability for 1000 watts of radio frequency output power. The core class 2H terminal consists of three line replaceable units: the receiver/transmitter, the data processor group, and the high power amplifier group.

  • JTIDS Class 2M terminal


    Link 16 - JTIDS class 2M terminal

    Link 16 - customized for Army applications. Implementing the tri-service and NATO tactical digital information link -J (TADIL-J) message formats, this radio has proven its ability to link Army, Navy, and Air Force platforms. A flood-routing algorithm simplifies the network setup and operation.

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