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Type 45 Deployed Services
The Type 45 Destroyer protects forces against the strongest of threats from enemy aircraft and missiles. Highly versatile, it can conduct operations, including anti-piracy and anti-smuggling, disaster-relief and surveillance as well as high intensity war fighting.

Able to detect and track hundreds of targets simultaneously, the Type 45 Destroyer is recognised as the most advanced anti-air warfare vessel in the world. As the first frontline warship to feature a fully integrated electric propulsion system, the whole ship can run off a single power plant, making it 45 per cent more economical than the Type 42 that it replaces.

The newest warship in service with the UK Royal Navy, it is the first to have a dedicated gym onboard and with larger cabins, the Type 45 sets new standards of accommodation.


Key Facts

  • Displacement: 7,500 tonnes
  • Length: 152.4 metres
  • Maximum beam: 21.2 metres
  • Top speed: 27 knots
  • Range: 7,000 miles
  • Crew: Approximately 190




BAE Systems is the design authority and prime contractor for the Type 45 Destroyer programme. Under this agreement, we are responsible for the design, development, integration and delivery of six destroyers that will provide the backbone of the UK Royal Navy, protecting national, allied and coalition forces against enemy aircraft and missiles.

Design and build of the vessels is spread across our facilities in Glasgow and Portsmouth using modular manufacturing techniques. The bow to bridge block, masts and funnels were built at our Portsmouth site, whilst the stern and mid sections of the ships were manufactured in Glasgow, where our engineers also undertake final outfitting, systems integration, testing and commissioning of the ships.

BAE Systems also provides the state of the art combat systems and radars, which contribute to the Type 45’s impressive warfighting capability.