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ARTISAN 3D Medium Range Radar Type 997

Artisan 3D Medium Range Radar Type 997 and Support Engineer
The Artisan (Advanced Radar Target Indication Situational Awareness and Navigation) 3D radar offers unrivalled detection performance and world beating electronic protection measures against even the most complex jammers.

Artisan 3D is the next generation medium range 3D surveillance radar for the Royal Navy and replaces the  Type 996 surveillance and target indication radar.  Designed to be extremely modular and highly configurable it provides a cost-effective high-performance radar, capable of operating effectively in littoral zones and improving air-defence, anti-surface (anti-ship) and air traffic management capabilities.

Artisan 3D is already deployed with the Royal Navy on Type T23 HMS Iron Duke and equipped on HMS Ocean Assault Ship. It will also be fitted from build to the Queen Elizabeth Class Aircraft Carriers and retrofitted to all Type 23 Frigates, amphibious assault ships and helicopter carrier.

The new radar, in tandem with the Seawolf Mid-Life Update programme, will help deliver better ship survivability rates.

Captain Brian Archibald, Former RN Integrated Project Team Leader for Short Range Air Defence