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APKWS™ Laser-Guided Rocket

APKWS Apache
The Advanced Precision Kill Weapon System turns a standard unguided 2.75-inch (70 millimeter) rocket into a precision laser-guided rocket to give warfighters a low-cost surgical strike capability.

About APKWS Laser-Guided Rocket

Currently in its third year of full rate production, the APKWS rocket is the only U.S. Department of Defense fully qualified guided 2.75-inch rocket. It uses semi-active laser guidance technology to strike both soft and lightly armored targets in confined areas, providing greater accuracy and mission effectiveness.

Developed as a highly cost-effective solution that leverages the military’s existing infrastructure and inventory – and inspired by real combat challenges, the APKWS rocket has served the needs of our U.S. armed forces with a 93 percent hit rate. Building on in- theater success by the U.S. Marines Corps, program officials from the U.S. Navy have now made the APKWS rocket available to U.S. allies by way of foreign military sales process.

APKWS™ laser-guided rocket video


APKWS with M282 warhead detonates inside an armored personnel carrier
APKWS with M282 warhead detonates inside an armored personnel carrier

The APKWS laser-guided rocket demonstrates extreme precision, reliability, and versatility in theater and in testing. The system also provides new combat capabilities for air, ground, and sea-based platforms.

  • Better than 93% hit rate
  • Demonstrated on more than 12 platforms
  • No modifications to the rocket, firing platform or fire control/launcher system needed
  • Minimal training needed for the crew


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