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Our Businesses (UK)

BAE Systems is the UK's largest defence and security company. We employ 39,000 people and work with more than 9,000 UK businesses to create some of the greatest engineering and manufacturing projects in the world.
Detica consultancy

BAE Systems Detica

Specialise in helping government and corporate clients collect, manage and exploit information to reveal intelligence, maintain security, manage risk and strengthen resilience in today’s complex environment.

HMS Dauntless and HMS Astute at sea


From 1st January 2011, BAE Systems has brought all of its naval businesses in the UK under a single management structure, BAE Systems Maritime.

Typhoon for UK Business page

Military Air & Information

A through-life business delivering information superiority and air power to our customers in the UK and overseas.

Our Businesses  - Regional Aircraft

Regional Aircraft

A leading provider of regional aircraft and support services to regional airlines throughout the world.

Shared Services

Shared Services

Provide shared capabilities and support services, principally to BAE Systems internal customers. Shared technology and professional capabilities are knowledge-based, tailored to customer needs and focus on adding value.