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Managed Security Services

Determined, capable cyber criminals don’t concentrate their efforts on the organisations that are best equipped to defend against their attacks. We’ve defended the networks, data and devices of governments for 40 years – and we can bring that scale, knowledge and capability to your defence.
Companies constantly fend off attacks from adversaries who rely on crude, scattergun approaches to defeat weak security. But the most effective attackers are skilled, determined and focused – and quite possibly already inside your network.
They’re not the usual suspects of old; they are varied in motivation, capability and tactics. They work as dedicated teams, and possess more potent tools than ever before. Many organisations simply can’t respond or defend; they don’t have the technology, money, people or time to mount their own defence.
That’s where we can help. BAE Systems has defended the networks, data and devices of governments and corporations for over 40 years, and we bring that scale, knowledge and capability to the defence of companies - large and small.
BAE Systems Managed Security...

Contact us to find out how you could benefit from a security partnership with BAE Systems, or view our Managed Security Services (MSS) below to see how we can build and maintain your business defence.

Managed Security Services

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