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Eurofighter Typhoon

Typhoon takes to the skies at RIAT 2012

Typhoon takes to the skies at RIAT 2012


Eurofighter Typhoon provides the ‘backbone’ of UK defence for the RAF.


Typhoon gives air forces the capability to effectively deliver a full spectrum of air operations - from air policing and peace support, through to high intensity conflict, thanks to its inherent flexibility and adaptability. The aircraft's swing-role capability provides the widest possible range of air-to-air and air-to-surface mission profiles.

Together with it’s partners BAE Systems has developed an aircraft that boasts unrivalled combat capability, impressive situational awareness, high survivability and the most advanced array of integrated sensors. In short, Typhoon is a total solution for any modern air force.


Top Speed: 2.0 Mach (1,521mph)
Altitude: > 55,000ft (16,764m)
G Limits: +9g / -3g
Length: 15.96m (52 ft 4in)
Height: 5.28m (17ft 4in)
Wingspan: 10.95m (35ft 11in)
Engine: 2x EJ 200
Thrust with afterburner: 20,00lbs (9072kg) each
Armament: 13 Hardpoints

How it performs 

  • Powered by two Eurojet EJ200 engines providing an excellent combat thrust-to-weight ratio in excess of 2:1 with 30% thrust growth available.
  • Typhoon’s robust design and Flight Control System enables the pilot to fly aggressively to outmanouevre enemy aircraft under all combat conditions.
  • Brakes off to take off in less than 8 seconds and supersonic under 30 seconds.
  • Brakes off to 36,000 feet Mach 1.6 in under 2½ minutes.


Key facts

  • 190,000+ Flying Hours
  • 7 Customers
  • 719 Contracted
  • 571 Ordered
  • 370+ Delivered


RAF Typhoon Duties/Operations

  • Provide QRA (Quick Reaction Alert) duties across UK 24/7
  • Provided Security Protection for the London Olympic Games 2012
  • Protect Falklands Islands on permanent detachment
  • NATO Security Council Operation Unified Protector (Libya) 2011
  • Joint Exercises in USA, Malaysia, UAE, Oman, France, India, Kingdom of Saudi Arabia