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Developing next generation training capabilities for the Indian Hawk

Indian Air Force - Hawk Mk132

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We are pleased to announce the extension of the Teaming Agreement with Elbit to develop next generation Indian Hawk airborne simulation capabilities.


We will jointly develop leading edge airborne simulation technologies as a response to the Indian Air Force (IAF) Virtual Training System (VTS) requirement. The requirement was first outlined in a Request For Information issued in 2009 and the companies have now extended the teaming agreement in readiness for a formal request from the IAF. This combined effort will build upon both companies extensive experience in the airborne simulation field and incorporate synthetic radar, electronic warfare, countermeasures and weapons into the Hawk Mark 132 mission system architecture.

It will provide enhanced fast jet training on the Hawk Mark 132 allowing additional skills to be taught to pilots smoothing the transition to front line fast jet Squadrons. The Hawk Mark 132 VTS will revolutionise the IAF pilot training system and make India a world leader in fast jet training.

Michael Christie, BAE Systems Senior Vice President for India said “India is an incredibly important market to us and one we are committed to for the long term.  It’s an exciting time for Hawk in India with the aircraft continuing to be successfully built and delivered by HAL. Extending the agreement with Elbit paves the way for BAE Systems to introduce enhanced capabilities to the Hawk Mark 132 aircraft and make training for the Indian pilots even better.”




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  • Hawk for Malaysia
  • Typhoon Display Pilot for 2014, Flt Lt Noel Rees with a group of Chevening students by the Typhoon on static display at FIA 2014
  • F35B with ASRAAM and Paveway IV
  • F35 Horizontal Tails
  • Taranis
  • Nigel Haworth at BAE Systems
  • Phil Harrison, Creative Services Graphic Designer, works on the ribbon diagrams for 2014's Typhoon display.
  • Saudi Royal Air Force Typhoon
  • Public debut, Farnborough, September 1986.
  • Clean aircraft configuration tests in the Warton 9ftx7ft wind tunnel.
  • EAP starboard wing in the assembly jig at the BAe Samlesbury site
  • Utilities management system integration and software development rig, 7 hangar Warton.
  • Final assembly systems build testing in 2 hangar, Warton.
  • A celebration for the 100th EAP flight at Paris. Dave Ward 4th from the left.
  • Experimental Aircraft Programme in-flight.
  • Experimental Aircraft Programme in-flight.
  • Radar cross section measurements at Warton after completion of the flight test programme.
  • Experimental Aircraft Programme in-flight.
  • EAP taking to the skies with Hawks, Harriers and Tornados. Copyright: Geoffrey Lee
  • EAP taking to the skies with the Red Arrows.
  • EAP.
  • Experimental Aircraft Programme in-flight.
  • Experimental Aircraft Programme in-flight.
  • The EAP ‘Roll-out’ ceremony in 302 hangar at Warton on 16th April 1986.
  • First flight at Warton, 8th August 1986.
  • Taranis first flight video footage
  • Taranis taxiing at Warton, Lancashire
  • 3D printing in action at Warton site, Lancashire
  • E scan radar moves step closer for Typhoon
  • The German Air Force takes delivery of the 400th aircraft during special ceremony at Cassidian’s Military Air Systems Center in Manching, Southern Germany.
  • The EAP at its new home at the RAF Museum in Cosford, Shropshire.
  • Abu Dhabi Polytechnic students build Spitfire at Al Ain Aerobatic Show
  • Evie, Latisha and Rebecca celebrate their win at the awards evening
  • The Red Arrows display at Dubai Airshow 2013.
  • The spectacular Red Arrows perform at Dubai Airshow 2013.
  • Our Typhoon Full Scale Replica at Dubai Airshow 2013.
  • Our Typhoon Full Scale Replica at Dubai Airshow 2013.
  • Flight Lieutenant Jamie Norris takes to the skies in a Typhoon at Dubai Airshow 2013.
  • Flight Lieutenant Jamie Norris takes to the skies in a Typhoon at Dubai Airshow 2013.
  • The Red Arrows by the Hawk AJT at Dubai Airshow 2013.
  • A Hawk AJT takes to the skies at Dubai Airshow 2013 over the Palms.
  • Two Typhoon jets and a Hawk AJT arrive at Dubai Airshow 2013.

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