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ATC Research Scientist

ATC Research Scientist


World class scientists and engineers forming a powerhouse of knowledge and experience. The ATC harness the power of ideas and helps BAE Systems remain at the forefront of global technological innovation.


The ATC is the research and technology arm of BAE Systems. In partnership with the businesses and educational establishments with whom we work, we innovate and develop to transform aspiration and vision into engineered reality.

Global trust
We provide research & development, consultancy, specialist manufacturing and technical services for BAE Systems businesses. Additionally, our expertise has helped the UK MOD, US Department of Defense, European Space Agency, UK Sport, universities and other leading innovative organisations achieve their goals.

ATC scientists and engineers are leading pioneering work across a broad spectrum of research disciplines including:

  • Abnormal behaviour detection & video analytics
  • Bio-inspired technology
  • Body-worn electronics
  • Computational engineering & fluid dynamics
  • Counter IED, detection & neutralisation
  • Human Sciences
  • Impact dynamics modelling and testing
  • Less than lethal deterrents
  • Micro & nanotechnology and smart materials
  • Photonics and laser technologies
  • Radar & antenna development
  • Reducing the burden on the dismounted soldier
  • Stealth technology and materials
  • Technologies for covert & secure operations
  • Unmanned, intelligent systems


Making your vision a reality
Our work is about the practical application of innovation and imagination. That’s why our services, capabilities and resources are applied throughout the product lifecycle. From long term speculative research through to applied product development, we ensure you enjoy the tangible benefits of our innovation.


Multimedia Single

  • BAE Systems locates opportunity to replace GPS

  • BAE Systems locates opportunity to replace GPS

  • Navigation via Signals of Opportunity (NAVSOP)

  • Harrier solar

  • Alex Alonzi of the Advanced Technology Centre



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